Mark (electrichobbit) wrote,

Red Rice Salad in Israel

So I have a potluck to go to tomorrow, and unlike past potlucks, I actually get to bring a dish to this one (unfortunate alphabetical allocation relegated me to providing beverages in the past), and so I'm making red rice salad.

Now the recipe for red rice salad wasn't even easy to pull off in NYC, and it's even trickier here. Cooking in Israel always makes me feel like a wizard (most things make me feel like a wizard, but that's a different issue), because I spend a whole today gathering ingredients before I can make it. I ended up buying the ingredients at 6 different shops - two supermarkets, the produce store, a bulk food shop, the east Asian market, and a produce stall in the shuq.

And it's totally going to be worth it. It's a good thing I already know how much I love this recipe, or I can't imagine putting this much effort into it.

Of course, I also got a good walk on a beautiful February day. It's 21 degrees today, and it's supposed to be 25 tomorrow. I'm thinking about going to the beach. Life is good.

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