Mark (electrichobbit) wrote,

More hiking!

So I did another section of the Israel Trail today - this one from Netanya to Herzliyah. Now, for those of you not familiar with Israeli geography, this one was more of a cakewalk...the trail goes along the beach almost the entire way. The hiking isn't always easy (there are some rocky sections), but most of it is flat - so I managed to do about 20 km in 4.5 hours.

The blazing wasn't as good on this section of the trail - basically you had to know to follow it along the was really only blazed on the bits where it left the beach. But there wasn't really anywhere else to go (except straight up 10-20 m cliffs), so that wasn't a huge problem. Plus I read the entire section on this bit of the trail, and translated all the words I didn't know - so good for my legs, and good for my Hebrew.

Pictures are available, as always, on facebook.
Tags: שביל ישראל

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