Mark (electrichobbit) wrote,

Born This Way

Remember back in the good old days, when people used to listen to coded messages in Beatles songs? Well, I was showing my BFF the Born This Way video, and we were talking about the whole Madonna controversy.

So if you haven't watched the video yet, watch it now. I mean, honestly, if anyone should be pissed off about expropriation, it's David Lynch. But I digress.

So apparently Madonna is cool with all this stuff, which got us wondering to why - my BFF, who can actually do the whole music thing, confirmed that it's "Express Yourself".

So why would madonna be cool with it? And that's when we realized...Gaga is a clone. The first in an army of clones. And they're taking over the world, in some kind of epic alien space battle. That's why Madonna doesn't care! Because she is Gaga - and Gaga is she. It's all there in the song.

I, for one, welcome our polysexual androgynous choreographed overladies. The Earth is going to be so much cooler once the army of Gagas takes over. It'll totally be like North Korea, but with better choreography.

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