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My Name is Soup

Adventures of a Goy in Eretz Yisrael

To put it formally, I'm a theoretical mathematician, working on my PhD at Columbia University. I got my bachelor's degrees at the University of Oklahoma, where I picked up a great many wonderful friends, and I spent the first part of 2004 (and the summer of 2005) working for NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA, where I picked up even more. I started my PhD at SUNY - Stony Brook, and moved to NYC in the fall of 2008.

Less formally, I'm bizarre cross between a monkey and a hobbit with a penchant for wacky hijinks and well-mixed drinks. I enjoy literature, theatre, cooking, and long walks almost anywhere. My friends will accuse me of being a dirty old man - this is quite untrue, as I'm only 26. I succumbed to the lure of blogging when my life suddenly became much more interesting than I could keep up with over AIM.